Helping Hands

To Serve, Support and Strengthen Families

Helping Hands provides food to those who are in need in the High Point and surrounding areas.  Each week our primary objective is to distribute nutritious food to our neighbors that need a helping hand setting their table at home. Life happens as many say, and your current status in life does not guarantee that all your needs can be met.  Some families have to make difficult decisions where to place the few dollars that they have each month.  Sometimes food gets a lower priority over bills. Helping hands is here to help supplement the gap that many are experiencing when it comes to food.

Three days a week we schedule appointments to distribute food to our neighbors.  We have a friendly, loving and caring environment. We are staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers whom are committed to making our guests feel at home. Helping Hands wants to ensure that hungry neighbors have a place to turn to for delicious, healthy food.

Food boxes include: cereal, rice, pasta, juice, bottled water, canned vegetables, canned fruit, tomato sauce, soup, canned/dried beans, canned meat, and peanut butter. We also add fresh vegetables and fruit when they are available.

Helping Hands objective is to provide nutritious and balanced food to those in need on an emergency basis. We are here to help empower our community in a dignified manner.

Funding for Helping Hands comes through grants, private donations, food drives, fundraising events and the support and generosity of our community.

We are a partner agency of the Second Harvest Food Bank of North Carolina, the Community Resource Network (CRN) and the Greater High Point Food Alliance. We have also partnered with many local Groceries Stores and restaurants all of us committed to providing for those in need.

Helping Hands is currently serving over 1,000 people each month in the Greater High Point area including Jamestown, Archdale, and Trinity. Last year we were able to lend a Helping Hand to 5,240 Families.  That about 15,562 individuals.  And as far as quantities of food distributed, 460,000 pounds of food with a value of over $733,000.

Helping Hands is firmly in the fight to eliminate hunger!

What We Do